Ronen Sharon, P.E.

Founder and President

As Sharon Engineering’s Chief Executive since founding the firm in 1990, Ronen Sharon is responsible for its management and direction, overseeing all of the company’s operations, including project management, technical services, finances, staffing, and business development and marketing. Ronen has extensive experience in public as well as private developments that include infrastructure (bridges, tunnels, and highways), and buildings for institutional, recreational, commercial, and residential uses.  Ronen has extensive expertise in designing and constructing new buildings in the crowded urban environment of the New York City metropolitan area.

Ronen received his Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering from The Cooper Union, and a Masters in Business Administration from Pace University.

He is a registered Professional Engineer in the states of New York and New Jersey.

Ronen is an avid Yogi and wind surfer, he loves politics, reading, traveling, and spending time with his family.


Ilya Shmulevich

Senior Mechanical Engineer and Team Leader

As Sharon Engineering’s Senior Mechanical Engineer since 2005, Ilya Shmulevich directs the firm’s Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing team. With extensive experience managing the design and upgrade of major building-wide systems, Ilya has managed numerous design projects for large-scale new development and system upgrades. These included heating and chiller plants, HVAC systems for commercial, residential and institutional structures, field surveys and load calculations, electrical wiring and metering, gas-and-water-piping, and fire protection. Construction administration has been an integral part of Ilya’s responsibilities on all design projects.

Among Ilya’s expertise is investigating construction deficiencies, and reviewing and correcting construction design documents.  He has conducted hundreds of comprehensive physical plant site surveys, and incorporated the findings into detailed construction plans.

Ilya received his Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering Specializing in HVAC systems from Polytechnic University, Minsk, Belarus.

When not at work, Ilya likes to spend his time with his family, and he enjoys traveling and reading.

Anm Islam

Senior Fire Protection and Plumbing Engineer

Anm islam is responsible for all aspects of plumbing, and fire protection designs.  The projects include low and high-rise, multi-zoned fire protection, and water supply systems.

Anm has a strong knowledge in plumbing and fire protection systems with local and international code requirements, and extensive experience in the construction industry.  Anm’s particular expertise includes commercial spaces, healthcare facilities, schools, museums, airports, and residential projects. 

Anm received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh, and a Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Manhattan College, New York.

Outside work, Anm enjoys spending time with his family and friends, and he enjoys traveling, since he likes to learn about other cultures, and their architectural feats.

Lester Liang, P.E.

Senior Mechanical Engineer - Project Manager

Lester Liang has specialized in providing HVAC designs for residential as well as commercial buildings. At Sharon Engineering, Lester started out as a design engineer in Plumbing and Fire Protection, and subsequently expanded his responsibilities to specialize in HVAC design.  In addition, Lester is responsible for all design and approval projects relating to OER.  Using his extensive knowledge in residential and commercial design requirements, Lester manages his design projects from inception to completion.

Lester received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from SUNY at Buffalo School of Engineering and Applied Science. 

When outside the office, you can find him exploring ethnic cuisines of New York City, or getting his hands dirty underneath the hood of his car.

Lakhvir Singh Sandhar

Mechanical Engineer

Lakhvir is a junior mechanical engineer specializing in fire protection and plumbing system services. His responsibilities include assisting in calculating, modifying and drafting the plumbing and fire protection system designs for client and Department of Buildings approval set as per city, state,federal, and manufacturer’s codes and regulations. Area of focus is primarily for residential and commercial low- and high-rise buildings. 

Prior to working at Sharon Engineering, Lakhvir worked as a metal fabrication assistant and received certifications for work as an aircraft maintenance technician.  

Lakhvir received his Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from Grove School of Engineering at City College of New York. 

Outside from the hustle and bustle of work, Lakhvir enjoys reading, catching up on shows, spending time with family and friends,travelling and playing sports.

Muhammad Zubair

Mechanical Engineer

Muhammad’s experience at Sharon Engineering includes the design and modification of fire protection and plumbing systems for low-rise to mid-rise buildings and a single-family housing project. These projects include both commercial and residential dwelling spaces. He has familiarized himself with NFPA fire code and NYC building code and has been gaining experience and knowledge of fire protection and sprinkler systems. He is focused on gaining more knowledge and experience towards plumbing systems design.

Muhammad has received his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from The City College of New York.

Outside of work Muhammad spends time studying for the FE(Fundamentals of Engineering) exam, staying in shape by hitting the gym and going out with friends and family. He also likes traveling to new places.

Gyanesh Singh

Mechanical Engineer

Gyanesh Singh has been working on the design of various HVAC systems at Sharon engineering. He is involved with calculations, drafting and field verification of residential and commercial HVAC systems. 

Gyanesh has an Undergraduate degree from Mumbai University,India in Mechanical Engineering. He also has a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Wayne State University, Michigan.  

Outside of the office, Gyanesh is an aircraft enthusiast. He likes collecting and assembling information about commercial aircraft. He is also an avid photographer.


Arnold Park, P.E.

Structural Engineer

Arnold Park is a project engineer, responsible for the design of new low and mid-rise residential and commercial buildings.  His experience includes steel and concrete design, foundation design, and support of excavation.  Additionally, Arnold has experience in renovation and modification of existing residential and commercial buildings.

Arnold received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Columbia University.

In his spare time, Arnold enjoys the occasional theater production, and learning about urban development and architecture.

Nikolas Kribas

Structural Engineer

Nikolas Kribas is responsible for the design of new low-rise structures, and for rehabilitation design of existing buildings.  His experience includes work on multiple dwelling structures and commercial buildings.  In addition, Nikolas is responsible for load calculations, design detailing, and shop drawing review.

Nikolas received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Kingston University, London, and a Masters in Structural Engineering from the University of East London.

When outside the office, you can find Nikolas spending his time with family and friends.

Sivan Shemesh

Structural Engineer

Sivan is a structural project engineer and is responsible for the design of new low- and mid-rise residential buildings. His experience includes steel frame and masonry design. Additionally, he is experienced in structural detailing, shop drawing review, and construction coordination. 

Sivan received both his Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering and Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering from The Cooper Union. 

Sivan is a huge sports fan, loves to travel, and enjoys biking in and around New York City.


Ody Sharon

Vice President

Ody Sharon directs the company’s finances, and human resources operations.  Ody’s responsibilities include accounts payable and receivable, payroll, health coverage and employee benefits, and the company’s retirement savings plan.

Prior to joining the Sharon Engineering team, as an independent consultant for most of her professional career, Ody designed, implemented, and managed retail, commercial, and international banking computer based systems.

Ody received her Bachelor of Science with a dual degree in Computer Science and Psychology from CUNY at Queens College.

Ody is an avid foodie, and loves to spend time with her family and friends, travel, movies, and she enjoys making elaborate flower arrangements.

Alex Bakalas

Office Manager

As Sharon Engineering’s office manager, Alex Bakalas oversees the smooth operation and implementation of numerous administrative activities.

Alex has years of experience in office management and customer service, serving various industries.  This has made him uniquely qualified to act as a liaison between Sharon Engineering staff and clients.  In addition to staff and client support, Alex is responsible for customer billing and collection, preparing marketing material, and for maintaining office services.

Alex received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from New York University.

Alex is also a Notary Public.

Alex is an avid sports fan, loves foreign language music, and is very keen on history (especially 20th Century and World War II history). Alex also loves running, and spending time with friends and family.