Ronen Sharon, P.E. established Sharon Engineering, P.C. in 1990 to provide Consulting Engineering services to clients in both private and public sectors. His goal was to develop a multi-discipline consulting firm to provide quality service to its clients. The firm specializes in providing structural, mechanical and electrical engineering consulting and design services in small to medium commercial and residential construction and renovation projects. In addition to design services, Sharon Engineering and it’s principal have specialized in advising clients on Building Code compliance issues and in providing expert witness and reports in legal cases.

We offer the following services

• Structural Engineering Design
• Mechanical Engineering Design
• Electrical Engineering Design

Additional services include
• Review of existing structures for structural deficiencies
• Code compliance
• Mechanical Plant and remaining useful life
• Cost estimate and details of proposed repairs
• Design and construction support services
• Structural and mechanical design for residential and commercial construction
• New York City Building and National Codes
• Controlled Inspections
• Review of shop drawings